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Application for food ordering in a cafe or restaurant. It is a graduation project created after completing studies at “Zerocoder” University.

Essentially, there are two applications which work with one database: a mobile app for placing orders and desktop app for managing the functionality and monitoring orders. For payments application uses Yukassa payment system’s API, but also can be connected to other payment systems.

There are 2 roles in the application: user and administrator.

The following functionality is available for the user (main functions):

  • User registration
  • Viewing of the menu and a specific dish, as well as adding selected dish to the cart;
  • Increasing and decreasing the number of dishes in the basket with recalculation of the total order amount;
  • Profile editing;
  • Returning to an unfinished order when restarting application;
  • Order payment.

Main administrator functionality:

  • User management;
  • Adding, deleting and editing dishes;
  • Order management.

Project type: educational
Project cost: 60 hours (including integration)

Tools: Adalo, Yukassa API

Administrative interface: