Mikhail showed outstanding ability and interest in course studying. His deep understanding of material and desire for self-improvement deserve special attention. Mikhail not only successfully mastered the theory, but also found unusual and elegant solutions to solve complex tasks. His analytical mind and ability to work with a variety of approaches impressed me. For him, every task is an opportunity to show creativity and a desire for deep understanding. A very valuable aspect is his willingness to self-criticize and strive for continuous improvement. He is not limited by current knowledge, but always strives to expand his horizons and find new ways to solve tasks.

Alexander Lukyanov Adalo’s teacher in Zerocoder University

I am grateful to Mikhail for the application which he created for me. Its designed to work with clients in the field of psychological counseling. In the process of application creation Mikhail did his best, took into the life all my wishes, and gave necessary recommendations for creating the most convenient menu. I am very pleased with this application, I will actively use it in my work.

Tatiana Nekrasova Private psychologist

I know Mikhail as one of the best students in the “Zerocoding of Mobile Applications” course. He carefully completed all homework and course projects. Along with lessons, QA sessions and online consultations, he found a large amount of information on my own and was fully open to new knowledge. On a personal level, he showed an interest in experimentation in projects and focused on results. Works diligently and meticulously on a tasks and does not give up when faced with difficulties in its implementation. I recommend Mikhail as a performer who will not only bring the project to completion, but also make it as effective as possible!

Vitaly Elfimov Curator in Zerocoder University

On behalf of private gymnasium Ellada preschool department and on my own behalf, I would like to express my gratitude to Mikhail for creation mobile application “Videocontrol D.O.”. This application played an important role in strengthening the trust of pupils parents for our organization. Now they can watch their children in real time, which helps them focus on their business without worrying about what is happening at this moment with the child. Mikhail’s professionalism and skills in the field of nocode development made this project truly high-quality and innovative. We greatly appreciate his contribution and look forward to further cooperation.

Igor Sidorov Head of preschool department in private gymnasium Ellada

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