About me


My name is Mikhail Kuzin, I am a no-code engineer. My main, but not only, specialization is a mobile and desktop applications development (both PWA and for application stores) for a different range of tasks. I also do automation and system integration.

My experience in the no-code development allows me to create:

  • stores with payment and delivery functionality
  • chats and social networks
  • client’s booking applications for appointments/services
  • various trackers with analytics
  • online learning apps
  • specialized applications for non-standard tasks
  • and much more

I work with Glide, Adalo, FlutterFlow, Airtable, Make (Integromat), Zapier, Albato platforms.
Also I have strong knowledge of HTML and CSS, as well as JavaScript, PHP and Python at basic level.

At the moment, I consider my main achievement in no-code development to be a creation of the “Videocontrol D.O.” application on the Glide platform, which allows parents to monitor their children in real time while they are on the territory of a private gymnasium.

About myself: more than 20 years of work in IT and telecommunications as a system integrator and solution developer for clients tasks. I created several data networks and one contact center, organized a number of courses at the training center, received 2 higher educations and became a certified Oracle trainer.

I love and know how to find solutions for non-standard tasks.

I will be happy to develop a solution for your task and bring it to life, saving your time and money.
I’m always in touch. You can contact me anytime!