Videocontrol D.O.

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This application was created for the private gymnasium “Ellada”. It allows parents to monitor their children on the pre-school department territory of the gymnasium at a specially designated time.

It’s a fully integrated solution, since it combines not only software development, but also its connection to the automation platform, as well as setting up software interaction with video surveillance system throught the it’s API, on the automation platform.

There are 2 roles in the application: parent (has viewing rights) and administrator (manages existing functionality).

The application has the following functionality (only main functions are listed):

  • Ability to use video surveillance service if it permitted by administrator;
  • Viewing cameras in specific time intervals;
  • The user can view only cameras assigned to his account;
  • View news feed when logging into the application.

Project type: reputational
Project cost: 80 hours (including integration)

Tools: Glide, Google sheets, Albato, Trassir API.

Administrator interface and a payment system can be implemented if necessary.